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Discover everything about how brains work from emotions to actions, reactions and the functioning of the body, in this expansive and inclusive guide. Brains are fascinating! Why can't you tickle yourself? Why do adults like foods they hated as children? How do some sneaky creatures have the ability to take over the brains of other species? Answer all these questions and more whilst celebrating the power of your unique brain in You & Your Amazing Brain. You will discover: What the different parts of the brain are and how they work How memories, speech and sleep work How the human brain develops from birth to adulthood How your brain changes when you become a teenager, and how to understand these changes How the brains of other creatures match up to ours And most of all how every brain works in its own special way Find out all about your amazing brain in this guide to the most special, and fascinating, organ in your body!

You & Your Amazing Brain by Clive Gifford

SKU: 9780711283619
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