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Audio Downloads

We are working with to so you can buy audiobooks directly through our bookshops.  To download, we can offer the same options from each of our shops. You can decide which shop gets your support.   We can offer.

Buy Audiobooks

With, you can purchase and listen to one or more audiobooks on your own schedule with no strings attached.

Audiobooks as Gifts

Give audiobooks to anyone in the world. You choose the number of credits and your recipients pick their own audiobooks.  Our bookshops are supported by your purchase.

Become a Member

If you are an avid listener, this option is for you. Members will receive one audiobook credit each month.

Download the free App

Find and listen to audiobooks through the app. Available from iOS and Android.

With the App you can:

  • Browse from over 400,000 audio books

  • Use credits to get the audiobooks

  • Create Bookmarks

  • Listen at different speeds

  • Organise your library

About is an employee-owned Social Purpose Corporation that shares profits from your audiobook purchases with your chosen bookshop, giving you the power to keep money within your local economy.

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