New Title Submissions

Do you have a book you would like us to stock in our shops? Please read this carefully first:-

We love supporting independent publishers big and small, and are always looking out for new authors and talent. With 180,000 new titles published every year, we must be very selective in what we choose.

1. If you are already published by a mainstream or independent publisher, your publisher will probably have told us about your book in advance of publication. They would have told us of the marketing plans the publisher has and why it is may be good for us.  Do feel free to let us know about it too. We will have an account with your publisher, and all we have to do is order the book from the distributor. Easy for everyone!

2. If you are the publisher (i.e. self-published), it isn’t as easy – you must convince us that your book is fantastic and how it is relevant to our customers.

The Writers' & Artists' Yearbook an annual publication outlines how the Book Trade works.

There is an excellent guide, produced by the Booksellers’ Association, and endorsed by the Society of Authors, explaining to how to get your book into high street bookshops. It outlines the information we need in order to decide to stock your book.

Getting your book into a high street bookshop

If you feel your book really fits into the profile of our shops, send us an e-mail explaining why our customers in Kew and/or East Sheen will find it relevant to them, and what you marketing you will be doing in the local area to ensure our customers know about it.

Please don’t send us a generic e-mail as you will only find yourself being redirected back to this page. If you want to send a (gratis) sample copy, let us know in your opening e-mail, but ensure there is an SAE included if you want the book back.

Most importantly, let us know which distributor or wholesaler stocks your books. We want to spend our time promoting and selling books, rather than dealing with the admin that extra accounts inevitably entail. Only in extremely rare occasions will we engage in getting stock directly from a local author.

Good luck!