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Magic comes from within ... When Sonny first finds himself waking up in different parts of his house with objects moving all by themselves, he thinks it's a recurring dream. Then one day he automatically teleports himself from school to the local park and realises he has extraordinary powers. He can't wait to start testing them out! Just as Sonny plans to tell his dad his awesome news, his dad is involved in a road accident that puts him in a coma. Suddenly the only thing that becomes important to Sonny is his dad waking up. And then Auntie Cleo, who Sonny hasn't seen in years, arrives to take care of everything. But Auntie Cleo isn't all that she seems. In fact, she's very interested in his powers. Does she know about the history of magic in Delmere? Or does she want to use his powers for her own means? Sonny is about to have a stupendous adventure to find out! The Stupendous Sonny is the second book in a series about remarkable children from the same neighbourhood. Following on from The Wondrous Prune, this next book is poignant with deft storytelling that reinforces the message that extraordinary adventures can happen to anyone!

The Stupendous Sonny by Ellie Clements

SKU: 9781526638373
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