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Twenty-five days ago, something awful happened, and I made a promise to myself. Never to leave home again. Pete loves the pizza shop, where he lives with his dad, and is terrified of the outside world. But when a new restaurant steals their customers, Pete and his friend Anna have to come up with an INGENIOUS plan to sell more pizzas, otherwise he'll be forced to move. When they find a mysterious briefcase in the attic, they create the most extraordinary magical pizzas, and soon a queue of customers snakes down the road. But can they make enough money in four days to save Pete's home? Throw in an exploding headmistress, a fire-breathing dog and a vengeful bully and Pete's life soon ramps up from Margherita to Spicy Pepperoni!

Pizza Pete and the Perilous Potions by Carrie Sellon

SKU: 9781913101954
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