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Mermazing action-packed underwater adventures for young readers. Beautifully illustrated throughout and with a glittery cover! From the authors and illustrator of the bestselling Unicorn Academy series. Hidden deep beneath the waves is Mermaid Academy, a magical school where mermaids are paired with their very own dolphin and must discover their unique mermaid magic, with plenty of adventure along the way! Cora loves all ocean animals, but there's something strange about the creature she spots stealing jewels from the school's coral walls. With Sparkle's help, she follows it to a mysterious cave. Then the tide starts to turn... Can Cora and Sparkle escape before their water runs out? Mermaid Academy is the perfect series for 7+ readers who love magic and adventure. Look out for more titles! Isla and Bubble and Maya and Rainbow

Mermaid Academy: Cora and Sparkle by Julie Sykes

SKU: 9781839949319
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