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Who's that creeping down the street? Who's that climbing up the wall? Who's that coming through the window? Who's that? ... It's Burglar Bill! Burglar Bill lives all by himself in a tall house full of stolen property. Every night (after eating his stolen fish and chips) he goes out to work... stealing things. From hats to baked beans, Burglar Bill will take anything! But one day, Burglar Bill steals something very unexpected indeed. And, it shows him that stealing has a cost! Discover the timeless tale that has delighted young readers for generations. The perfect bedtime story, Burglar Bill is packed with bright illustrations and easy-to-read text. Discover more Ahlberg classic children's books: The Jolly Postman Cops and Robbers Funnybones Each Peach Pear Plum Peepo!

Burglar Bill by Allan Ahlberg

SKU: 9780140503012
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