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Splish, splash! Prepare to experience the forces of physics at work. It's time for Baby's bath... Ooh! We made a waterfall... Invite your tubby-time friends to join in. Even Einstein started somewhere, so who's to say your little genius-to-be won't find inspiration in the bath? Gather up your gear: floating toys, fluffy towels, warm bath, favourite little lab partner (may take multiple attempts). Place tiny tot in the bath (note water displacement), and proceed to explore buoyancy, gravity and evaporation. Now it's time to make waves and see that third law of motion in action. Go, baby, go! Wait, hold on... Stop, baby, stop! In a bright, graphic board book leavened with dry humour, photos of happy tykes and a tongue-in-cheek running dialogue are sprinkled with factual asides that define basic concepts of physics. So don your protective goggles - with a bathtub as a lab bench, your precocious little one can master physics every day!

Bath Time Physics by WonderLab Group

SKU: 9781529512168
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