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Babies Laugh at Peekaboo is scientifically developed to help babies and carers bond through reading and laughter. Written by Dr. Caspar Addyman, a leading expert in what makes babies laugh, this adorable book brings a game of peekaboo to life with grab-and-pull pages and a shiny mirror. Dr Caspar's research showed that playing Peekaboo is the best way to make a baby laugh - and this book is sure to get them giggling! Babies will love opening the pages to reveal smiling, giggling and laughing baby faces, beautifully illustrated by Ania Simeone. The shiny mirror at the back of the book is perfect for entertaining babies up to 18 months old - you could even try propping the book up for tummy time. The fun doesn't stop here! Babies can also giggle along with Babies Laugh at Everything!

Babies Laugh at Peekaboo by Dr Caspar Addyman

SKU: 9781035011971
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