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A Yeticorn's charging about on the loose! Bea often tells little fibs when something goes wrong. Fairy-cats wiped mud all over the floor, wild octoponies flooded the bathroom... and lately, a humongous Yeticorn has been charging around, gobbling up her sister Edie's sweets and sneezing confetti everywhere! But one day, Bea wakes to find that a Yeticorn REALLY has come to stay - and his whippy, trippy tail causes all sorts of problems that she gets the blame for! Can Bea find the courage to stop fibbing and finally tell the truth? This hilarious and heartwarming rhyming tale about sibling friendship, telling the truth, and the power of using your imagination for good - from incredible new picture book talent Rachel Morrisroe and bestselling illustrator Ella Okstad. More magical stories from Rachel Morrisroe: The Drama Llama How to Grow a Unicorn How to Grow a Dragon

The Truth About Yeticorns by Rachel Morrisroe

SKU: 9780241529812
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