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Three women. Three blazing stories of violent resistance. Three complicated paths to justice. Brittany Smith, a young Alabama woman, killed a man she said raped her in her home, but was denied a self-defense claim. Angoori Dahariya led a gang in Uttar Pradesh, India, dedicated to avenging victims of domestic abuse. Cicek Mustafa Zibo fought in a thousands-strong all-female militia that battled ISIS in Syria. Each woman has been criticised for their actions by those who believe that violence is never the answer; yet each has transmuted a story of pain into a story of power. In this intimate, shocking and rigorous investigation, award-winning journalist Elizabeth Flock examines the lives of three women who chose to use lethal force to gain power, safety, and freedom when the institutions meant to protect them - government, police, courts - utterly failed to do so. In luminous prose, Flock asks searching questions about cultures in which violence seems like the only means of survival, where deeply ingrained ideas about masculinity have helped breed the unsafe conditions that women face. Can women's acts of vengeance help to create lasting change in misogynistic and paternalistic systems, or will they ultimately hurt their cause? The novelistic accounts of these three women offer profound insights into the quest for understanding what a society where women have real power might look like. --------------------------- 'These stories of women's vengeance are both harrowing and thrilling . . . This gripping, inflaming book, itself an act of fury, shows how revenge can transmute into politics or be crushed by it' Larissa MacFarquhar, author of Strangers Drowning 'The Furies is a glorious excavation of women's rage . . . These three women will fill you with hope, despair, and yes, fury' Rachel Louise Snyder, author of No Visible Bruises

The Furies by Elizabeth Flock

SKU: 9780241678015
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