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'It's an evocative, inspiring mood board of a book.' - Andreina Cordani, Reclaim Magazine 'Decorating with flowers - on everything from walls and windows to sofas and floors - will bring magic and romance to any space.' - Mail on Sunday's You Magazine In the designs of Tricia Guild, atmosphere is everything. Patterns, colour, texture, furniture and furnishings interweave to create spaces that have all the depth and meaning of installation art. Yet just as an outfit never feels complete without a spritz of scent, a room without plants is only nearly complete. Only nearly perfect. At Designers Guild, Tricia Guild uses flowers, leaves and stems to enhance a room's mood, bringing soul to the spaces we live in. A flower has many spirits over the course of its life, from the promise of those first pristine and innocent buds, to the resplendent joy of full blooms and the wistful glory as they fade. The cycle of nature provides an ever-evolving muse for Tricia Guild. Her latest book explores how blooms can evoke emotion, presenting a plethora of inspirational designs that breathe fresh life into our homes and workspaces.

Moody Blooms by Tricia Guild

SKU: 9781788841634
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