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Laugh-out-loud funny and a wonderful story about finding your voice. I loved it! - David Walliams 'Anarchically silly fun!' - Guardian Sidesplitting middle grade comedy, with serious heart (and one very funny llama). Illustrated by Allen Fatimaharan, the official illustrator for World Book Day 2022. It's the Christmas holidays and Yasmin is miserable. Her family don't celebrate Christmas so she doesn't understand all the hype, plus Ezra has gone to Jamaica for 2 weeks and Levi is away on a mission. Then a snowstorm hits London, meaning Yasmin's enemy Tia can't fly to her luxury holiday in France. Yasmin is horrified when she gets sent a solo mission - to give Tia the best Christmas ever! Soon Tia is bossing Yasmin around and without her friends to help, Yasmin starts to wonder if making her arch nemesis happy might be mission: impossible . . .

Llama On Ice by Annabelle Sami

SKU: 9780755503902
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