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This book is one hell of a ride. Neil Lancaster's Blood Runs Cold is spellbinding.' NetGalley reviewer, She was taken against her will. On her fifteenth birthday, trafficking victim Affi Smith goes for a run and never returns. With a new identity and secure home in the Scottish Highlands, she was supposed to be safe... She escaped once. With personal ties to Affi's case, DS Max Craigie joins the investigation. When he discovers other trafficking victims have disappeared in exactly the same circumstances, he knows one thing for certain - there's a leak somewhere within law enforcement. She won't outrun them again. The clock is ticking... Max must catch Affi's kidnappers and expose the mole before anyone else goes missing. Even if it means turning suspicions onto his own team... Don't miss the next book in the DS Max Craigie series! Fans of Ian Rankin and Marion Todd will love this utterly gripping Scottish thriller! Readers LOVE Blood Runs Cold! 'Utterly compelling, ingeniously plotted and incredibly entertaining, this puts Neil Lancaster up at the forefront of Tartan Noir.' Liz Nugent 'A masterclass in how to deliver a taut pacy thriller hot off the page.' Imran Mahmood 'Compelling, emotionally charged, and impossible to put down... the stand out crime read of the year so far.' John Barlow 'Want pulse-pounding, shallowed-breathed, toe-curling police action? Here you go. Thank me later.' Helen Fields 'Thrilling, gripping, breathlessly brilliant crime-thriller that just won't let you go until you know how it ends.' Miranda Dickinson 'A dark, gritty and fast paced police procedural that I was totally and completely absorbed by from the very start.' NetGalley reviewer, 'One of my favourite crime writers by a country mile.' NetGalley reviewer, 'A cracking read that will keep you up into the early hours.' NetGalley reviewer,

Blood Runs Cold by Neil Lancaster

SKU: 9780008551292
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