Glendower Donations Table

Glendower Prep would be grateful if, along with your chosen books from the suggested lists, you would donate £10 towards further purchase of titles that would be of interest for the school library. Glendower is run as a charitable organisation, and your donations will be very welcomed.


As a thank you for your donations, your daughters will have the opportunity to inscribe a bookplate with their name and form. This will be affixed to the books corresponding to your donation. Your daughter will get to see book donated before it is catalogued in the library. This will happen before the end of term.


Your orders will be delivered to your daughter in her classroom on Thursday 19th November, the day that the Book Fair would have taken place. All books will have been stored for 72 hours prior to that, to comply with Covid-19 safety guidelines.


Hewson Books will share your name and donation value (but no other personal data) with the school.

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