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A comforting guide for whenever loneliness strikes, filled with kind words, helpful ideas and down-to-earth advice    We all feel lonely sometimes    In a world more connected than ever before, it can be hard to unravel why it is that we feel alone. The truth is, whether you're sociable or solitary, extroverted or introverted, loneliness can affect us all at some point in our lives.    This clear and comforting book is here to help you understand loneliness and the importance of looking after your mind, body and soul whenever you feel alone. Packed with easy-to-follow advice and bite-sized tips as well as a selection of uplifting quotes, it's a go-to guide for anyone feeling lonely or isolated.    Learn and understand more about:      Why loneliness is so common and what we can do about it How to nurture your mind and body to give you greater confidence What the best strategies are to support your mental health and well-being How to form and build on new connections in your life

You're Not Alone by Debbi Marco

SKU: 9781800073944
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