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Unlock your cycling potential with yoga. Striving for stamina, power and speed can take its toll on the cyclist's body. Yoga is the ideal cycling companion to relieve the repetitive strains of riding, helping to ease tight muscles, increase mobility and reduce chances of injury. In this new edition of the bestselling title, learn how to use yoga to optimise your recovery, ride tension-free and enhance your performance. A specialist in yoga for cycling, Lexie Williamson guides you through tried-and-tested poses and mobility drills so you can: * gain a supple back, hips and hamstrings * adopt a stronger aerodynamic position through riding-specific core moves * develop efficient breathing and build a mind-body connection * recover more efficiently with restorative yoga practices Functional and accessible, Yoga for Cyclists adapts yoga techniques for modern cyclists of all levels, making it suitable for everyone from the beginner to the Tour de France-hopeful. By following step-by-step sequences, from quick hip releases to extended post-ride sessions, you'll discover how the power of yoga can transform your cycling. 'Handy for both beginners and pros... leaves no stone unturned.' - Women's Fitness 'A genuinely useful guide that will soon have tattered edges through use.' -

Yoga for Cyclists by Lexie Williamson

SKU: 9781399405997
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