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Everything you need to teach writing in the primary classroom. The Writing Book helps you to break down the mysteries of written English into comprehensible steps that will get your students writing with confidence and flair. Written in Zoe and Timothy Paramour's funny, frank and reassuring style, this follow up to The Grammar Book gives teachers clear and systematic guidance about how to develop children's written English. It covers vocabulary, register, word order and text layout, as well as sentence structure, length and syntax. It explores the features of different genres, the ways we can play with language and the reader's expectations to make writing more engaging. The Writing Book gives teachers a clear and consistent language they can use with their students to offer meaningful feedback, especially when children's writing lacks flair and energy. Written by teachers for teachers, it provides tips, tricks, and adaptable resources to make teachers' lives easier. This book makes it easy for teachers to identify everything their students need to know to become confident, competent writers.

Writing Book by Zoe Paramour

SKU: 9781801991452
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