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Acclaimed historian Alistair Moffat sets off in the footsteps of the Highland clans. In thirteen journeys he explores places of conflict, recreating as he walks the tumult of battle. As he recounts the military prowess of the clans - surely the most feared fighting men in western Europe - he also speaks of their lives, their language and culture before it was all swept away. The disaster at Culloden in 1746 represented not just the defeat of the Jacobite dream but also the unleashing of merciless retribution from the British government which dealt the Highland clans a blow from which they would never recover. From the colonisers who attempted to 'civilise' the islanders of Lewis in the sixteenth century through the great battles of the eighteenth century - Killiekrankie, Dunkeld, Sheriffmuir, Falkirk and Culloden - this is a unique exploration of many of the places and events which define a country's history. Locations included are: Prestonpans * Glenfinnan * The Isle of Lewis * Edinburgh * Inverlochy * Tippermuir * Mulroy * Killiecrankie * Dunkeld * Sherriffmuir * Falkirk * Culloden Moor * Arisaig & Morar

War Paths by Alistair Moffat

SKU: 9781780278247
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