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A slice of scary, escapist fun' Observer 'The twists and turns are never-ending' Daily Mail 'An unnervingly plausible and scintillatingly paced thriller' Radio Times 'A phenomenal thriller, meticulously plotted and brilliantly realised' Clare Mackintosh, Books of the Year _ If you can hear it, your time is running out. Teacher Kit Chaplin can't understand why some students at his north London school are experiencing an extreme ticking noise in their ears. Perhaps it's just a severe form of tinnitus? But only days later, it spreads to more students - and starts leaving bodies in its wake. Eminent vaccinologist Lilly Slater has never seen anything like this before. She must race against the clock to work out what is happening - and to find a cure. But their investigation throws up more questions than answers until they realise the mystery behind the illness is even bigger than they could have imagined... Will the truth behind this catastrophe become clear before it's too late? _ Readers are loving Tick Tock 'Well, BBC Radio presenter Simon Mayo sure can write a darned good thriller!' 'An excellent conspiracy theory thriller, it's exciting, full of danger... it's riveting and hard to put down' 'I was utterly gripped and read this in one sitting! I could feel the tension and fear in every page - loved it!' 'Never has there been a more timely thriller! I was gripped from the first page. I was so immersed, I read it in one night.'

Tick Tock by Simon Mayo

SKU: 9781804991091
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