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We hear news of illegal levels of air pollution while sitting in traffic in our cars. We read that food production makes up one third of greenhouse gas emissions, yet we throw away 1 billion tonnes of it. We're drowning in seemingly insurmountable global problems on which everyone has an opinion, but few practical solutions!  So, how can we possibly make a difference? Where do we even start?  What began as a personal to-do list for Ana Santi has transformed into a book for anyone, anywhere, who may not have yet changed their habits for the future of the planet and humanity but would like to start now.  Each chapter focuses on something we do in our daily lives: eat, breathe, work, travel. Every personal decision we make around these things has a direct link to the global climate crisis. Each chapter features a collection of three essays on the subject covered from an expert in that field, either personal, scientific or professional. The chapter culminates with three simple actions you can take to make change. You can do all three things from one chapter or do any three things picked from the entire book, or if you really want to take things to the next level, follow the three-month plan and do all twenty-one ideas in the book - you choose!  From how to reduce air pollution and slowing food industry emissions to making our investments greener and our energy bills more efficient, Three Things cuts through the noise to galvanise us into action. Ana Santi has managed to distil the wisdom from a range of disciplines into a digestible and accessible whole.  Small things, if done collectively, can have consequences.

Three Things... To Help Heal the Planet by Ana Santi

SKU: 9781801290753
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