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An evocative literary saga . . . seductive' Sunday Times 'Steeped in longing and spiked with pitch perfect 80s detail . . . Gorgeous' ANNA HOPE Growing up, it was always the three of them: Miller and Olly and Ash. They stuck together like they were keeping a secret; they were successful, best friends, lovers. It was perfect - a shining life - until it fell apart. Now Miller and Ash are married and living in Wonderland, the tidal island of sugary coloured houses they ran away from. Miller feels like she's disappearing. She wears her tinted sunglasses so often sometimes she forgets the world isn't green. Ash is having an affair with a helmet-haired TV presenter. Olly lives a charmed life in LA but it's on the precipice of disaster. Over the long, hot summer of 1984, unanswered questions draw the three of them back together. They are so consumed with the possibility of a redemptive third act, they don't notice what's going on between Miller's son, his best friend and the girl who lives next door. . . Some summers are spent yearning for something to happen, others are charged with the terrifying, exhilarating feeling that everything is going to change.

This is Gonna End in Tears by Liza Klaussmann

SKU: 9781529389388
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