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When Cleopatra's most beloved actress disappears, her new Eye of Isis must solve a case that will lead to the darkest corners of Alexandria. From the palaces of Alexandria reigns Cleopatra - seventh of her name, avatar of the goddess Isis, ruler of the Kingdom of Egypt - surrounded by riches untold. Through the streets of her great city bustle scholars and sailors, politicians and priests. For those with the means, it is a comfortable life. But not all are invited to share in the wealth of Egypt's first city. For the peasants and farmers, their lives lie in the hands of the gods and the harvest. Unless, that is, they can find other methods to feed their families. Other, less savoury methods. When Herminia, one of Alexandria's most beloved actresses, disappears on the eve of a great performance, Cleopatra sets Tetisheri, her Eye, to investigate. In her search for the truth, Tetisheri will uncover a mystery that will take her to the city's darkest corners... Reviews for Dana Stabenow 'Stabenow brings Alexandria's Hellenistic period to life... She is now as much at home in ancient Egypt as she is in the Alaskan wilderness' Publishers Weekly 'Stabenow is blessed with a rich prose style and a fine eye for detail. Outstanding' Washington Post 'For rich, idiosyncratic settings and engaging characters... let me recommend Dana Stabenow' Diana Gabaldon

Theft of an Idol by Dana Stabenow

SKU: 9781800249844
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