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Dare you enter the world of MONSTERS? The beloved World's Worst series has captivated millions of readers. You've met the world's worst children, the world's worst parents, the world's worst teachers and the world's worst pets - but are you ready for the world's worst monsters? If you don't like ghosts, ogres, zombies, vampires, aliens, werewolves or mummies, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK. Laugh along to these ten terrifying tales of marvellous monsters, brought to you by David Walliams, and illustrated in glorious technicolour by Adam Stower. The World's Worst Pets was the bestselling children's book of 2022 (TCM Chart, 27 December 2022). David Walliams was most recently Children's number one bestseller with Robodog (TCM Chart, 11 April 2023).

The World's Worst Monsters by David Walliams

SKU: 9780008305819
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