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Magnificent... I want to press a copy on everyone I know' NIGELLA LAWSON 'Epic, magnificent, beautiful... I couldn't put it down' PHILIPPA PERRY Vivid storytelling with complex and colourful characters... spectacular' DAVID MORRISSEY 'Ambitious and moving and funny... I loved it' TESSA HADLEY 'As fine as anything Linda Grand has written... maybe excelling them all' JOAN BAKEWELL It's 1913 and a young, carefree and recklessly innocent girl, Mina, goes out into the forest on the edge of the Baltic sea and meets a gang of rowdy young men with revolution on their minds. It sounds like a fairy tale but it's life. The adventure leads to flight, emigration and a new land, a new language and the pursuit of idealism or happiness - in Liverpool. But what of the stories from the old country; how do they shape and form the next generations who have heard the well-worn tales? From the flour mills of Latvia to Liverpool suburbia to post-war Soho, The Story of the Forest is about myths and memory and about how families adapt in order to survive. It is a story full of the humour and wisdom we have come to relish from this wonderful writer. From the Orange Prize-winning and Man Booker-shortlisted Linda Grant.

The Story of the Forest by Linda Grant

SKU: 9780349014104
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