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Create a thriving garden or allotment that works in harmony with nature and will flourish in the face of ever-changing environmental conditions. In The Resilient Garden and Allotment Handbook, expert organic gardener Sally Morgan shares a wide range of ecological concepts from permaculture, regenerative gardening, agroecology and more to boost your garden's biodiversity and enrich your soil. This must-have guide will help you: Build your soil so it's full of healthy organic matter and protect it through no-dig practices, composting, cover crops and mulching Increase resilience through productive plant combinations and polyculture Create wildlife-friendly habitats utilising walls and fences, log piles, water features and wild corners Choose the right plants to attract pollinators and plant defenders Combat disease and keep pests at bay using natural predators, companion planting and trap and barrier crops PLUS The importance of collecting genetically diverse seeds from plants that have adapted to local conditions ustainably manage water in your garden, especially in times of drought or excessive rainfall Whether you're a passionate gardener, allotment holder or grower, The Resilient Garden and Allotment Handbook will help you future-proof your garden by giving it everything it needs to adapt and succeed, whatever the climate challenge. (Previously published as The Healthy Vegetable Garden, now updated and revised) 'A must-read for anyone who wants to know how to grow their own zero-food miles, pesticide-free veg, while treading gently upon our planet.' Dave Goulson, author of The Garden Jungle and Silent Earth 'This book could not be better timed, and given Sally's lifetime experience of organic gardening, it's bound to inspire all those who want to 'grow back better'.' Helen Browning, Chief Executive, Soil Association

The Resilient Garden and Allotment Handbook by Sally Morgan

SKU: 9781915294562
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