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A Sunday Times bestseller and Financial Times Book of the Year. The unmissable inside story of the race against the virus. Catapulted into an international crisis, Kate Bingham knew the odds were heavily stacked against a workable Covid-19 vaccine. From a remote cottage, Bingham juggled vaccine suppliers, Whitehall, the media circus... as deaths mounted and the world shut down. Political manoeuvring, miscommunications and administrative meddling nearly jeopardised the project. But perseverance and expertise paid off. Bingham's eclectic team secured the first vaccine doses administered in the West, saving thousands of lives in the UK as new variants struck. Now, nearly every adult in Britain has had the jab, lockdowns have ended and we can finally live with Covid. This is the insider view into how the Vaccine Taskforce beat those long odds and delivered a scientific miracle.

The Long Shot by Kate Bingham

SKU: 9780861545667
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