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A city under attack. Over two million combatants killed, wounded or captured. This is the story of the fight for Stalingrad - a pivotal battle of the Second World War that set the defeat of Hitler and the demise of the Nazis on its path. Chronicled by expert historian, editor and author of Checkpoint Charlie, Iain MacGregor, The Lighthouse of Stalingrad will unearth the story of the battle by refocusing the lens on the fighters whose deeds have been forgotten in the years since, but who were local heroes of their town and country. From the battle for Moscow in 1941 to Operation Blau; from the Germans near break through to Operation Winter Storm and so much more - this book offers a meticulous guide to the events leading up to the legend of The Lighthouse of Stalingrad. And, with the arrival of the 80th anniversary MacGregor delves into the crucial action on the frontline which changed history, where a small band of Soviet soldiers held up an entire German division, with armoured support, for over a hundred days. This sheer strength and determination held off their attack until Marshal Zhukov's dramatic counterattack (Operation Uranus) surrounded and destroyed Hitler's 6th Army. So, whether you are a history fan or seeking to unlock more knowledge around the decisive events of the Second World War, The Lighthouse of Stalingrad is a must-read. With MacGregors intricate research and engrossing prose, this book will immerse you in this period, enrich your knowledge of the war and bring back to the life the stories of those forgotten in one of the bloodiest battles in history.

The Lighthouse of Stalingrad by Iain MacGregor

SKU: 9781472135209
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