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Delicious! Emma writes with such clarity and passion' NED PALMER 'Emma's expert take is brilliantly refreshing. What a triumph' HELEN MCGINN 'Fabulous, fun and factual' MELISSA HEMSLEY _ Do you know your Brie from your Beaufort, your Reblochon from your Roquefort? Whatever your cheese expertise, this book is for you! With over 110 cheeses covered, using The Cheese Wheel, you can: - Discover the finest new cheeses from around the world - Master how to taste cheese and describe what you like/dislike - Find out the perfect drink to pair with your cheese - Design your own cheeseboard - And much more... With experience as a cheesemonger, cheese maker and cheese awards judge, Emma Young brings her comprehensive knowledge to the page in this innovative flavour-based guide to cheese. Each cheese profile includes fascinating notes on its origins, what drink it pairs best with, why you must try it, and other cheeses it complements for your next cheese board. So, whether you consider yourself a cheese connoisseur or are simply curious about the differences between a Cheddar, Comte and Caerphilly, this is an essential companion to have on your shelves. _ 'The book on cheese we have been waiting for' REGULA YSEWIJN 'A fun and informative book' RACHEL KHOO 'An essential read for anyone who adores cheese' JAMES GOLDING

The Cheese Wheel by Emma Young

SKU: 9781529903652
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