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Could there be a more pleasant way to spend a warm afternoon than lazing under a tree reading poetry inspired by these shade-giving wonders of the world? Trees have sparked some of the biggest literary imaginations over the ages and - as the climate emergency escalates - it has never been more important to appreciate our vital connection to them. This beautifully illustrated anthology of sixty tree poems is a celebration of our love of trees. With poems by some of the world's best-loved poets including William Wordsworth, Thomas Hardy, William Meredith and W.H. Auden, The Book of Tree Poems will help you see trees as you've never seen them before. Our natural historians have amazed you with their biology and the ways in which they influence our lives, now it's the poets' turn to make you fall in love with their beauty, strength and character. The Book of Tree Poems taps into the trend for gifty poetry anthologies and is a beautifully illustrated gift for any tree lover with a passion for literature.

The Book of Tree Poems by Ana McLaughlin

SKU: 9781399609098
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