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Do you dream of singing live on stage? Are you fascinated by percussion? Do you want to organise the world's largest music festival? This practical guide to all things melodic is packed with everything you need to know about working in the music industry. From classical composers to reggae and disco, from magnificent musical instruments to the best gigs in town, learn all about live music and the record business. Follow our step-by-step guides and in no time, you'll be forming your own band or recording your own music. Next stop, Glastonbury or the Royal Albert Hall! In a modern world where creativity is more important than ever, these aspirational books will encourage and inspire the next generation of creative young minds. From the ancient origins of performance to the emerging digital world fusing art and technology, this series gives children an amazing insight into today's creative world.

Thank You For The Music by Sarah Walden

SKU: 9781915613189
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