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**THE EXPOLOSIVE NEW THRILLER FROM THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR** The perfect holiday. The perfect crime... When Ali has the chance to stay at a beautiful house in the south of France, she jumps at it. But not everything is as it seems. Surrounded by a group of wealthy friends, Ali blends expertly into the background. She's watching them all. And she isn't the only one interested. The heat rises. The pool shimmers. Secrets are exposed. And Ali must face up to the biggest lie of all: herself. 'Written with Durrant's usual acuity, Sun Damage is an attractive two-for-one deal: smart observation of family life and Brits abroad in the middle, bookended by a Highsmithian thriller' SUNDAY TIMES 'Plenty of Ripleyish peril to keep the nerves on edge' CLARE CHAMBERS 'No one creates characters like Sabine Durrant' CLARE MACKINTOSH 'I tore through Sun Damage!' SJ WATSON 'Claustrophobic and suspenseful, with an engaging narrator and a satisfying twist: perfect poolside reading' GUARDIAN 'Sensuously atmospheric, Sun Damage is a twisty thriller with the added delight of acute social comedy. Without doubt Sabine Durrant's best novel yet' GILL HORNBY 'The suspense sizzles off every page' ERIN KELLY 'One of our best thriller writers' GOOD HOUSEKEEPING 'An exploration of vulnerability, trickery and cruel dishonesty ... the ending gives great satisfaction' LITERARY REVIEW 'Secrets and tensions rise along with the temperature until they reach boiling point' RED 'Absorbing, intriguing, with great twists and pace, SUN DAMAGE is a wonderful rollercoaster of a read' B.A. PARIS 'Durrant is relentless with the suspense ... superbly controlled, a novel that's obsidian dark under the blazing French sun' SUNDAY INDEPENDENT

Sun Damage by Sabine Durrant

SKU: 9781473681736
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