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Return To Source invites Black people around the world to reconnect with their lost heritage and find healing, self-love and transformation. This book is an empowering call to journey home to a new way of looking after yourself. A new way that is, in fact, the old way. Globally, Africans and Diasporans are rediscovering that, even while navigating an oppressive and often unsafe world, we are called to make space for healing, not just for ourselves but also for loved ones, Ancestors and descendants. Our path to liberation includes a commitment to nurturing our personal and community growth by making wellness a priority. In this powerful book, Araba Ofori-Acquah will help you to: - embark on a spiritual, emotional and - for some - physical journey back to the Motherland, back to your heritage, back to yourself, back to source - unlock your potential with the power of an African-centred approach to wellness - incorporate the three seeds of African wellness - music and movement, Mother Earth and magick - into your routine - demystify and undo the demonisation of African beliefs, rituals and practices - create a path to healing that feels most authentic to you Discover how to live well - in accordance with African traditions - and find power, healing and alignment through your Return to Source.

Return to Source by Araba Ofori-Acquah

SKU: 9781788177900
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