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A GUARDIAN, TELEGRAPH AND FINANCIAL TIMES BOOK OF THE YEAR BRITAIN, WITH THE WRONG QUEEN. 1955. Britain remains a Protectorate of Germany. The assassination of the Leader on British soil provoked violent retribution and intensified repression of British citizens, particularly women. Now, more than ever, the Protectorate is a place of surveillance and isolation - a land of spies. The royal family has been usurped, and the widowed Queen Wallis reigns in their place. Yet some citizens hold out hope that Elizabeth may one day return. Rose Ransom marvels that she's even alive. A mere woman, her role in the Leader's death has been miraculously overlooked. Her work now focuses on the outlawed subject of Poetry, a form of writing that transmits subversive meanings. Therefore all Poetry is banned and Rose is appointed a Poet Hunter. President Eisenhower is to make a state visit to Britain and Rose is tasked with visiting Queen Wallis to brief her. She finds Wallis in a state of paranoia, desperate to return to her American homeland. She claims she has a secret document so explosive that it will blow the Protectorate apart - should she dare to reveal it. PRAISE FOR QUEEN HIGH 'Begins with a bang' CLARE CHAMBERS 'Full of twists' RED 'A gripping thriller' BEL MOONEY 'Exciting and provocative' OBSERVER 'Thrilling, subversive' JANE HARRIS 'A triumph' AMANDA CRAIG 'Enthralling' THE SUNDAY TIMES 'Ingenious' SABINE DURRANT

Queen High by C J Carey

SKU: 9781529412079
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