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*Fancy yourself as a bridge player? This essential little book will show you how - in just 10 minutes.   *Introduces the basic rules and techniques for bidding, declarer play and defence.   *Useful bridge-table diagrams and quirky illustrations help the information stick.Bridge can sometimes look incredibly complicated and opaque. But that really isn't the case: it is a very easy game to learn. By the time you've read this invaluable little book, you'll be equipped with all the knowledge you need to take your partner and play your first game. In clear, easy-to-follow text, backed up with useful diagrams and illustrations, the author shows you exactly how bridge works, including bidding, defence, declaring and trumps. The book then goes on to more advanced strategies, including how to use your opponent's bidding to your advantage, and discusses the finer points of etiquette and conduct during a bridge game. Armed with the information in this book, you can go on to become a star bridge player - in double-quick time!

Play Bridge in 10 Minutes by Brian Byfield

SKU: 9781849940160
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