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Fold beautiful paper butterflies with this easy origami kit. Whimsical, exquisite and fragile, butterflies and moths have enchanted and inspired people for centuries. Origami Butterflies Mini Kit, presents six exclusive, all-new butterfly designs specially created with the paper crafts novice in mind. It contains everything you need to create a unique collection. This origami book contains: 32 page, full-color book 6 original designs Step-by-step instructions Colorful diagrams and pictures 40, 5x5 inch origami papers Instructional DVD All videos are streamable or downloadable online These elegant forms--each created from a single square sheet of paper without cutting or glue--showcase the versatility of the origami folding system. All are deceptively simple, yet provide a solid foundation for creative flights of fancy in the hands of an experienced folder. Clear step-by-step instructions show you how to make hundreds of different variations by making small adjustments to a few key paper folds! Whether dry-folded from recycled candy wrappers or wet-folded from expensive handmade papers, these designs exemplify the best aspects of the paper folder's art today. All disc content is alternatively accessible on

Origami Butterflies Mini Kit by Michael G. LaFosse

SKU: 9784805312780
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