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THE INTERNATIONAL BEST-SELLER. Read the incredible account of one woman's near-death experience and discover an enlightening perspective on life, freedom, consciousness, and purpose. When Anke Evertz is suddenly engulfed in flames in front of her fireplace, she thinks she's going to die. She knows that the worst is about to happen and there's nothing she can do to stop it. But instead of panicking, a deep serenity washes over her. What happens next is astounding. Anke leaves her burning body and watches from the outside as she's rushed to hospital and put into an induced coma for nine days. Her relatives and doctors fear the worst. What they don't know is that Anke is on the most miraculous journey of her life. In spiritual worlds, beyond time and space, she's being given the answers to all of her questions. Nine Days of Eternity is an incredible account of an almost unimaginable adventure between life and death, and a wake-up call for everyone who wants to live a fulfilled and connected life. Through her story, Anke will show you how to recognize your boundless creative power, understand your divine nature and true purpose, and see every day as a miracle.

Nine Days of Eternity by Anke Evertz

SKU: 9781788179577
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