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Be amazed by the exciting - and extraordinary! - things you can do and people you can be in this witty whizz-through the world of work with Dr. Seuss! What will you do? What do you want to be when you grow up? A ticket taker... a pizza maker...? A wrestler, a writer or maybe a waiter? A whole host of silly and sensible options are on offer in this brilliant exploration of the world of work - all with a splash of Seussian humour! Newly updated with fresh artwork and a greater array of job options, Dr. Seuss inspires a new generation of readers to dream big and think even more imaginatively for their future! By combining the funniest stories, craziest creatures and zaniest pictures with his unique blend of rhyme, rhythm and repetition, Dr. Seuss makes reading fun!

Maybe You Should Fly A Jet! Maybe You Should Be A Vet! by Dr. Seuss

SKU: 9780008619725
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