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Learn everything you ever wanted to know about economics in this no-nonsense beginner's guide In a world where everything seems to get more expensive by the day - but most of us don't seem to get any richer - it's easy to feel confused about the economy. If you think it's time you learnt how inflation works, what causes recessions and why the stock market is so unpredictable, then look no further. The Little Book of Economics will bring you up to speed on the basics of micro- and macroeconomics and demystify the world of taxes, trade, investments and finance, in simple English and with easy-to-follow examples. By the end of this crash course, you will have a grasp on all the essential terms, concepts and theories you need to know to understand modern-day capitalism and markets. And you'll also have the answers to questions like: Can inflation be a good thing? How does supply and demand work? Is immigration good for the economy? How do we prevent another global financial crisis? What is GDP, and what are the alternatives? and Why can't we just print more money?

Little Book of Economics by Shaun Rusk

SKU: 9781800077195
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