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A hilarious and heart-warming new adventure from Sara Pennypacker, the best-selling author of Pax, with illustrations by Caldecott Medal-winner Matthew Cordell Leeva Thornblossom loves to learn: her local newspaper teaches her a new word every day, and soap operas show her the many shades of human expression. And when she comes across the announcement that all children are required to go to school, Leeva sees an opportunity to do something that newspapers and television alone can't provide: the chance to meet people. But Leeva's parents, the insufferable mayor and selfish tax collector of their small town, don't want to send her to school, and they certainly don't want her to meet other people. And so, with the help of the town's librarian and her son, Leeva sets out to finds answers: what have her parents been hiding from her? With hilarious writing and an unforgettable hero, Leeva at Last is perfect for fans of Matilda, Flora and Ulysses, and A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Leeva at Last by Sara Pennypacker

SKU: 9780008606190
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