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Use the shapes to help Peppa finish her patterns! Encourage children to identify different repeating patterns in this interactive book. Can they fit the correct shapes into the patterns to complete them? Talk together about the repeating colours or shapes they can see. Learn with Peppa: Peppa's Patterns and Shapes is a sturdy board book that helps children recognise repeating patterns by using their knowledge of shapes and colours. Peppa and her friends are making decorations for the school fair, but It's not as simple as just matching the shapes to complete the patterns - what colour do they need to choose, too? - Peppa and her friends take centre stage in this brand-new series of interactive learning board books - Support early maths learning through recognition of shape, colour and pattern - The book houses six key shapes to place in the gaps to complete the patterns - Each Learn with Peppa interactive board book has been developed by educational experts - Access additional resources and guidance on the Learn with Peppa website Let Peppa support your little ones on their early learning adventure in Learn with Peppa.

Learn with Peppa: Peppa's Patterns and Shapes by Peppa Pig

SKU: 9780241601839
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