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Create an eye-catching outdoor oasis with this no-nonsense guide to landscaping As families spend more time at home, they're expanding their living space to their yards, decks, and patios. When you're ready to upgrade the look of your landscape, Landscaping For Dummies offers advice on installing fences and walkways, choosing hardy plants and trees, and enhancing natural habitats for the critters and creatures lurking in your neighborhood. You'll find out how to make your backyard a relaxing retreat space and discover the enjoyment and satisfaction that comes from working in your yard. Landscaping For Dummies includes: Lists of recommended plants and varieties, including the best ones for privacy plantings, low-maintenance groundcovers, and small gardens Advice on how to deal with special landscaping concerns, including fire-prone areas, bee and butterfly gardens, and drought-tolerant and native landscapes Instructions on installing permanent features like decks, patios, fences, and more Pointers on how to water more efficiently, including the latest tools and technologies that can save you time With a little bit of planning and some digging, trimming, or planting, you'll be set to enjoy your yard whenever the mood strikes. Let Landscaping For Dummies be your guide to making the most of your outdoor space.

Landscaping For Dummies, 2nd Edition by T Chace

SKU: 9781119853480
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