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Puffin Classics: the definitive collection of timeless stories, for every child. 'You know when you feel a rumbling in the ground, and people tell you it's a tube train going by? Well, it's not a tube train,' Corky said. 'It's the thing that lives in the sewers. It comes up at night, when we're asleep.' 'What is it?' Ruskin asked breathlessly. 'Krindlekrax,' Corky replied. There are plenty of weird and wonderful characters who live on Lizard Street. The hero of our story is Ruskin Splinter. But to be honest, Ruskin is a very unlikely hero. Small and thin, with knock-knees, thick glasses, a squeaky voice, no one at Ruskin's school believes he's capable of anything - all except for Ruskin's only friend Corky, the school caretaker. Ruskin is therefore delighted when Corky tells him the terrifying story of Krindlekrax: the giant crocodile who lives beneath their town's streets. Finally, a chance to prove himself! But can Ruskin really save the day? This witty, off-the-wall story is a classic rip-roaring adventure, from award-winning author Philip Ridley. Packed full of hilarious illustrations, this edition also has fun bonus activities! 'Fizzes with life and humour ... outstanding' - Sunday Times

Krindlekrax by Philip Ridley

SKU: 9780141377360
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