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A horny romp that makes you think, laugh, and feel. O'Connell is one of my favourite writers' MONICA HEISEY, author of Really Good, Actually 'A very funny novel about falling for a fantasy and finding love for one's own self' MELISSA BRODER, author of The Pisces 'Funny, horny, heartbreaking' CAROLINE O'DONOGHUE, author of Promising Young Women _ Eliott is a TV writer with a perfect-penised boyfriend. He's living the dream. But behind the glossy veneer he's been papering over cracks, and they're starting to show. He's creatively stifled, he's drinking a little too often and his cerebral palsy makes him feel like gay Shrek. When River walks in, Elliott's life is turned upside down in the best way. River is funny, charming and makes him feel seen. But maybe that's part of the deal when you hire a sex worker. Eliott is lost and he needs someone, anyone, to point him in the right direction. After all, it's a long limp towards redemption. A hilarious, sexy, ground-breaking debut novel about the intersection of queerness and disability, and discovering who you really are. _ What readers are saying about Just By Looking at Him 'Darkly funny and poignant' 'Such a fresh take . . . I was gripped from the first page' 'Brutally honest, funny and poignant look at modern life through the lens of disability' 'This book is honest, hilarious, and raw . . . I loved literally every character' 'The author has such a strong voice and has created in Eliot a character that I will not soon forget . . . I found myself laughing out loud' 'Reads like your favorite whip- smart sitcom everyone looks forward to at the end of the day' 'One of the funniest books I have ever read'

Just By Looking at Him by Ryan O'Connell

SKU: 9780751585469
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