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First name . . . Action. Second name . . . Dude. And he's back! A famous billionaire has made a moon hotel. You don't have to just pop into space and come straight back down. You can have a holiday there. In a hotel! On the moon! What could possibly go wrong? Moments before the rocket blasts off, there's a strange broadcast to every TV on earth. It's a warning: anyone who turns on the hotel power unit and extracts precious Element Z will face their doom. There's only one possible solution. Action Dude to the rescue... A lot of things are going to have to blow up. A lot of things. That's just how Action Dude likes it. Second in a full-colour graphic novel series about an incredible action hero who is also a nine-year-old boy.

Holiday on the Moon by Andy Riley

SKU: 9781801300612
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