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Discover the path to inner healing and deep spiritual connection with this unique oracle deck from internationally renowned medium Gordon Smith. With answers channelled from different levels of the spirit world, this oracle will open your consciousness to higher possibilities. Whether you're searching for solutions to the deeper mysteries of your life, protection from fears, help with healing or finding your true purpose, The Healing Spirits Oracle is the perfect tool to help you find guidance, spiritual awareness and healing on many levels. The inspirational messages in the cards will help you grow on your spiritual path and bring knowledge that will enhance your spiritual and physical wellbeing. The higher knowledge within the teachings in this deck will bring you answers about the purpose of your soul experiences, past and present, which you can use to steer your future. Call on the high-frequency wisdom of the spirits to guide you along your journey of healing towards the life that you desire.

Healing Spirits Oracle by Smith, Gordon

SKU: 9781788178709
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