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A TIMES AND EVENING STANDARD BOOK OF THE YEAR WINNER OF THE DESMOND ELLIOTT PRIZE 2019 WINNER OF THE AUTHORS' CLUB FIRST NOVEL AWARD ONE OF THE BBC'S '100 NOVELS THAT SHAPED OUR WORLD' LONGLISTED FOR THE JHALAK PRIZE AND THE EDINBURGH FESTIVAL FIRST BOOK AWARD WINNER OF BARNES & NOBLE'S 2019 DISCOVER NEW WRITERS PRIZE 'So hard to put down.' Daily Mail 'Startling . . . Remarkable.' Economist 'Right away I was utterly absorbed.' Sarah Jessica Parker One father. Two sons. An impossible choice. When thirteen-year-old Paul doesn't return home one afternoon, even his twin brother, Peter, doesn't know where he is. So their father, Clyde, must set out into the dark Trinidadian bush with a torch, to search for him on foot. And when the reasons for Paul's disappearance become clear, Clyde will be faced with a terrible decision. How does a father choose between his children? How does he weigh up what each one is worth? Which one is the golden child?

Golden Child: Winner of the Desmond Elliot Prize 2019 by Claire Adam

SKU: 9780571339822
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