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When you're invited to go ghost hunting around an old mansion, everything is not as it seems... Explore eerie forests, misty lakes and haunted attics. Meet phantom animals, wisps, orbs, and other ghostly creatures in this fun-packed book of puzzles. Solve mazes, wordsearches, number puzzles and more Find the clues and crack the code to finish the story Will you take on the quest? For more puzzling fun...collect the set! Mythical Mystery (9780008457457) Enchanted Lands (9780008457464) The Missing Astronaut (9780008457471) Secret Island (9780008532109) The Lost Emerald (9780008532116) The Giant's Garden (9780008599546) The Treasure Train (9780008599553)

Ghost Hunter by Kia Marie Hunt

SKU: 9780008599560
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