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For humanity to survive there must always be people performing the minute-to-minute miracle of thought. 'Excellent and beyond timely.' A. C. Grayling Scientific advances and new technologies are letting others manipulate our minds more easily than ever before. Now, those tasked with protecting our minds are finally preparing to fight back. As we speak, the United Nations is seeking to pin down a concrete right to free thought and enshrine it in international law alongside life, education and protest. But what is thought? And what makes it free? And how can it best be protected? Freethinking explores what an effective right to freedom of thought would look like, and asks how we might build a culture of free thought, and whether that's even what we want. In an uncertain and rapidly evolving world, Freethinking shows that there are solutions to the forces buffeting our minds.

Freethinking by Simon McCarthy-Jones

SKU: 9780861544578
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