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When your family home has been demolished by a ruling power terrified of mutiny and the love of your life gives their heart to another, wouldn't you search the open city for a better future? This is a story of one Londoner who found himself in this situation. He just happens to have fur and four legs. With the help of an adventure-seeking magpie, Vince the fox is determined to find his grandparents' old home, which exists somewhere within England's capital. The threat of political exile and the city's modern, mechanical and multicultural challenges will not stop him. But back in Richmond Park, Edward the alpha-stag is paranoid: if Vince's departure encourages a multi-species uprising, the deer will lose their power - and Edward is hardly the only tyrannical ruler to be feared in the capital's parks. Just what has Vince started beneath the eyeline of London's human population?

Fox of Richmond Park, The by Kate Dreyer

SKU: 9781911586340
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